Fresh juice

Creta Fresh Organic Orange juice

  • no preservatives
  • no added sugar

  • 100% fresh juice.

  • From selected organic Cretan oranges with authentic taste and aromas.

A 200 ml glass provides you with 150% of the Recommended Daily Amount of Vitamin C. Available in 1L.

Nutrition Declaration / 100ml

Ενέργεια                                          50,5 Kcal                   
Carbohydrates 12 gr
Fat 0 gr
Fibers 1 gr
Proteins 0,5 gr
     Sugar 12 gr
Saturated 0 gr
Νatrium 0 gr

A 200ml glass contains

Based on a 2000 calorie diet, which corresponds to the average daily needs of an adult.

5 %


27 %


0 %


0 %


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All of Crete in your glass!

Creta Fresh Organic Orange juice