ΒΙΟΧΥΜ, the first juicing company in Greece was founded in 1956. One of the few factories in the country that deal both with the processing of citrus fruits and juices production.
BIOXYM S.A. receives fresh citrus like oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruit, etc from the fertile plain of Chania in Crete (Greece) and produces “Creta fresh” juices. Cretan citrus provides excellent quality and authentic taste to the juices, as the particularity of the climate, warm weather almost all year-round and close distance from the sea gives distinctive advantages to crops.



Good news for cretan farmers

Special aid for oranges and tangerines has been approved.


The success of BIOXYM

The use of energy in various sectors in industrial enterprises is essential...


New spot for BIOXYM

All of Crete in your glass, new BIOXYM spot from Papadoulakis.